Friday, April 25, 2008

beautiful weather!!!!

Hi everyone!!! It has been a beautiful week here in kentucky! The sun is shinning, the birds are singing and flowers are blooming!!! Its been a busy week around my house, my hubby has been on vacation and we have been trying to finnish up some projects around the house. We added on a studio room to our house a few months ago and are now trying to finnish it up on the inside. My husband who is very good at building ,fixing and creating has built this room all by himself from start to finnish. Everything form the foundation to the walls to the wiring and even the tile on the floors. We wouldnt have been able to have the extra room if he hadnt been able to do the work since it would have cost waaay to much. I am so proud of him!!!! I have posted a befor picture and a after picture for you to see. it still is not finnished and i still have lots of decoratiing to do but it is slowly getting there. I also wanted to say i have met a new friend through my website and she has a wonderful blog at be sure and check it out!! Hope everyone has had a great week! talk to ya soon!!! keep in mind the room is not finnished yet and i have lots of decorating to do!!!!!!!!!