Monday, February 16, 2009

Drapes and valances for sale or possible trade

I have never tried to sell anything on my blog befor but i have some drapes that i purchased a while ago and used them maybe 6 months until i changed my decor once again so these have been tucked away in my linnen closet for a couple of months and i decided to put them on my blog to see if anyone of you would be interested in them . Let me tell you about them.....

1. I have 4 panels and 4 valances for sale that i purchased at the jc penny home center..

2. They are all in excellent condition and like new.

3. colors are rust , gold, moss stripes with a narrow strip of black. beautiful heavy gold fringe is on the valances..

4. The drapes still have the drape hooks

5. The drapes and valances are both linned

6. they have not been cleaned but to me dont need cleaning....

7. Tag on the drapes and valances read jc penny home collection Dry clean only.

8. Each panel measures 81 x 24 ( there are 4 panels)

9. the valances measure 91 inches long and 30 inches tall with a 3 inch rod pocket ( there are 4 valances

asking 150.00 for all the drapes and valances ( shipping will be extra , you can email me or leave a comment here with your zip code and i will calculate the shiiping cost for you)

I paid over 400.00 for all these piece new..... used for a breif time..... I will be happy to answer any questions..... Here are some pictures for you, if you need more let me know... thes are heavy textured drapery weight fabric


Friday, February 6, 2009

Me as Sandra Bullock!! so fun to do!!

If you have never heard of this site where you can go in and add your face to different senarios you should give it a try. so fun! We all about laughed ourselves to death here. I even made myself into Superwoman!!!! Now if only i could have that body!!!!!!!
Give it a try just for some fun... FaceinHole .com

Create your own FACEinHOLE