Sunday, October 12, 2008

SHHHHHHHHH, baby is sleeping!

Wouldn't you love to just plop down and be able to sleep like that?! This is Mollie Jo doing what she does best. She looked so sweet laying there i had to get a picture to show you. I have had pets,(dogs mostly) since i was a small child. My first pet was a Chihuahua named chiteeh. My sister and i used to sneek him hot dogs. We had a tabby cat named candy and later when we were teenagers we had french poodles. One was a silver french poodle named Manette and after her was Fee Fee. I had a little accident with Fee Fee though. I hate to even tell it but i will.

I was in the kitchen happily making myself a bowl of Mmmmm Mmmmmm Good, chicken noodle soup and had poured it into my bowl and was heading for the t.v. to watch my favorite after school program,( probably the brady bunch or Gilligans island) when Fee Fee jumps on me to try and get the soup. Needless to say i spilled the soup and it landed on FEE FEE! She ran around the house for a couple of minutes with noodles hanging off her butt ,but fortunatly wasnt hurt bad. My parents nearly killed me! It is a terrible story i know but anyway that is what happened. After that we had a dog named Richard Aladapo; i know your thinking what kind of name for a dog is that! Well. the dog was named after a friend i went to church with that was from Nigeria . I loved this fella and he was a good friend to my family. Richard was a character though, one day i had come home from school and my dad said Suzanne Lea, get out in that garage and see whats wrong with that crazy dog of your.. When my dad called me Suzanne Lea i new he ment business . Anyhow, Richard was rolling around moaning and howling something terrible so i went and told dad; " daddy something terrible is wrong with richard, he is crying and howling and i am afraid he is gonna die. " I am bailing like a baby at this point and begging my daddy to take him to the vet sure that my Richard is gonna die. My dad scoops him up gets in the car and heads off to the vet with Richard. Hours later daddy gets home with a strange stern look on his face and proceeds to tell us the vet did several tests, took xrays only to find out my Richard had GAS! Daddy was not a happy camper! Here he had spent alot of money only to find out it was gas!!!!!

Years later i still look back on all my beloved pets and have such wonderful memories of them but especially Richard . My gassy little poodle............

Anyway, love your pets! They give us unconditional love, and deserve our love and care........


Whats new at Shabby Cottage Designs

Just wanted to share with you a table i did this week. This is a tilt top table and not something i come across very often at all. I usually can find maybe 1 a year. I love these tables since you can use them with the top up so you have a place for a lamp or other items but also with the top tilted down for a nice piece of decorative art. This has a bit of a french cottage look. Hope you like it! It is available on my website! HOpe everyone is having a nice day!!


Friday, October 10, 2008

All decked out for BIg Blue and MIdnight Madness!!!

Our little Ky. Cutie!

This is my blue haired daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twinkle toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nifty Big BLue nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!

Today is the BIG day for my daughter and my husband. MIDNIGHT MADNESS at Rupp Arena!!!
THis is something that my family looks forward to every year. WE are big Ky. Widlcats fans! WE bleed BLUE!
Tickets for this event are free if you are lucky enough to get them. My husband and daughter were up at 5.00 in the morning the day they went on sale and tried desparetly to get tickets. They finally had to give up and hunt down some for sale. I wont even tell you what they paid for their tickets as it makes my stomach turn to think about it. PEople were getting these tickets for free with no intention of going but only to sale them for profit. It irratates me but thats the way it goes. Anyway my husband and daughter are on there way ! They will spend the day shopping at ALL the stores that sale widcat gear, eating at their favorite places and finally the highlight will be MIDNIGHT MADNESS! I am showing you a few pictures of my daughter who is as obsessed as her father when it comes to thier beloved wildcats. SHe has been up since the crack of dawn filled with excitment for the days events. My daughter always gets all decked out for the evet so i wanted to show you a few pictures. I hope they are having a great time!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

If you havent read this book get it!!

Do you love to read? I love reading and when my daughter told me i needed to read this book about teenage vampires i told asked her what could be so interesting about a book about vampires?! She said just read it mom i think you will like it. Well she gave it to me so i decided to read just a few pages so i could tell her a gave it a try, I was certain this book would be of no interst me and how wrong was i. This book had me hooked from the first page. I am addicted!!

This is a fabulous book wrtten by author Stephenie Meyers and the movie is released in November and i will be standing in line waiting to get in to see it! If you love to read and are ready for an awsome read then go get this book. YOu wont be dissapointed. Here is a link to the Twilight site where you can see a clip of the movie. ENJOY TWILIGHT


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here are some of the items you will find in my shop!

Here ore someof the items you will find on my website. In the background of the photo is my (Vintage) wedding dress. Note i said vintage and not antique! Haha.....
Dont think i could squeeze into if i tried. My waistline hasnt been that small in a looooooong time. Oh the memories...........

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WHat i have been working on today!

NOt that much going on around here today. It is icky and rainy outside today and not really the best day for painting but i had a piece i was itchin to do so rain or not i did it! THis is a piece that was salvaged from a table that had seen its better days. I am one of those that doesnt like to throw away anything that can be reworked or reused in some way. I love the oval shape and think it will be beautiful in someones cottage home. It is a big one too at 35 inches long.... HOpe everyone is having a great day!!!