Monday, December 29, 2008

Sale Announcement!!!! Stop by and take a peek!!!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Year in Review!! Some of my hand painted decor past and present

Just some of my hand painted items ,some are sold and others are available here on my website. I will be listing new items frequently. Thanks for visiting!!!!!!

It has been a great year for me at shabby cottage designs. When i started on this journey i had no clue what i was doing but i had a deep love of art and decorating and a desire to get things done. If nothing else i had determination and drive along with a loving and supportive husband that puts up with what i love to do. This is no easy job by any means. I am often out hunting for just the perfect piece to paint in places you would not believe. My house can look at times like a bomb exploded in it from all the painting , sanding and everything else that goes along with it. It has been a little over a year now since i got my website up and running and i have meet so many wonderful ladies and made friends along the way and i treasure their friendship. I am looking forward to 2009 and continuing to do what is truly a labor of love for me. May God bless you all and i hope the new year brings you health, happiness and prosperity. Be sure and visit Cindy at My Romantic Home and all the other participants in the 2008 year in review. Thanks Cindy for a great idea and sharing it with us.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Are you making any New Years resolutions!

I guess it's that time of the year when we have to endure endless commercials for weight loss centers. Do you ever feel like you have fallen off the food wagon and ya cant get up???? Personally I'm not gonna make anymore New Years resolutions!!! Why bother when i know good and well i cant live up to it. Yea, i know i am over weight a bit, well maybe more than just a bit but I'm so tired of stressing over every single bite of food i put in my mouth. Shouldn't the ultimate goal be to be healthy and I'm sure we could all try eating a little more healthy. The whole world is so obsessed with appearance and don't get me wrong, i like to look as nice as the next person but also know i only have so much to work with too!!!!!. Sticking to a healthy diet for me is so hard!! I love food , enjoy cooking for my family and having us all sit down to a delicious home cooked meal. I am a southern girl and as country as they come !! I come from a long line of southern women that were the best cooks ever!! I would put them up against Paula Dean anytime!!! ( and i do love Paula Dean) . I was raised up on country cookin and both of my grandmothers passed down their way of doing things in the kitchen to me. When i was little my sister would go out to the fields with my grandfather and i would stay in the kitchen with grandmother. I learned alot just sitting there and watching her work her magic in the kitchen. It was normal to have fried chicken on the table for breakfast!!!!! YUM! Anyway, no more resolutions for me but am gonna try to eat healthier but not beat myself up or feel guilty over the occasional indulgence either. WE ARE ONLY HUMAN!!!!!!!!!! At least that is how i feel....

Here's to the New Year, may it be feeled with health , happiness and all things good for you and your family!!!!

~~~~~Happy New Year ~~~~

Well the hustle and bustle is about over here and may i say thank goodness. I guess that sounds a bit humbuggy but i swear the older i get the harder it all seems. We did have a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed making special memories with our little family. Emma (our little 3 yr. old grandaughter) brought so much joy and happiness our way. I am slowly taking down the decorations and getting my house back to normal. I love the Christmas tree but when its all over and there are no presents under it i am ready for it to come down. I have been cleaning for the last 3 days and geting things in order. You would not believe what my house looked like after we opened presents here. You would have thought a bomb went off! I'm sure i probably gained 5 pounds at least. so better work on that. I'll start monday!!! HAHAHA!!!!!
Here's wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas can mean so many things for each of us. Maybe its spending time with family and loved ones or so many other meanings. Christmas for me is about the birth of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ first and most inportantly. I remember as a child it all seemed so much more simpler and not all the expectations that seem to come with the season now. I think we spend so much time now trying to live up to what the media and magazines tell us it should be like the perfectly decorated house, the perfect presents, the perfectly wrapped package,the perfect table setting and meal, that we get caught up in it all and it can be overwhelming and then the true meaning is lost somewhere in all the hustle and bustle. I can remember when i was a little girl,(a long time ago) going to church service for the christmas play. How exciting and meaningful it was. Beautiful music, Mary and Joseph and the sweet baby Jesus. Always at the end of the service we would all get a bag of goodies consisting of an apple, orange,nuts and a candy cane. Where did all that go ? I miss it and the warm and wonderful feeling it gave at Christmas time. As the special day aproaches i just want to say to all my friends ,Merry Christmas to you and your families, may we never forget the true meaning of Christmas and forever keep it close to our hearts.

I would love for you to leave me a comment and tell me what Christmas means to you.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

Just a few more pictures to share of Christmas decorations. Have fun decorating!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

What are you doing to decorate for the holidays?

Emma'a little Christmas cottage!

Well, it is that time of the year once again when i get my husband to drag out all the Christmas decorations and we start sprucing up the place for the holidays. I do have to say my husband gets into this much more than i do though, dont get me wrong i like it but he LOVES it... Some of you may remember that this summer he built a playhouse for our grandaughter and he wanted to have it all decorated up for Christmas as a surprise for her. This isnt a fancy playhouse as it is built from salvaged wood an old window and other bits and pieces salvaged from here and there; But i can tell you fancy or not this little house was built with lots and lots of love from one Poppa's heart. Anyway i made a wreath for the door out of things i had stored in the attic so nothing new there. HE put up some old greenery we has and strung a few lights and even put a little tree in the window with PINK lights. He is one great Poppa! You should have seen her little face when she saw it all lit up.. Again , nothing fancy here but she thought it was magic. Here is a picture of Emma's little old fashioned Christmas cottage . Merry Christmas to you and i hope the season sends blessing and many precious memories your way.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas is coming

Well, can you belive that the holiday season is fast approaching!? I am trying to get myself organized and get in gear. I have just about finnished with my grandaughter except for the little stocking stuffers. Shopping for her was easy and lots of fun. She is almost 3 so all the toy shopping has been so much fun. She is easy to please since she wants EVERYTHING! WHen we take her shopping as soon as she spies something she likes she immediatly picks it up and drops it in the shopping cart. We have to catch her off guard so we can slip in back on a shelf somewhere or she would send us to the poor house fast !!! SHE IS SO FUNNY!!!

I have been working at stocking my website with Holiday items so slip on over and take a peek. Here is a couple of picture of some of my items and more will be added daily. Hope everyone is having fun planning for the holiday season and be sure to drop by and check out all the websites and there beautiful holiday decor. I have already spotted alot of unique items i am puttin gon my wish list~~~~ Love to all!


Monday, November 3, 2008

My favorite little goblins!!!!

Here is pictures of my grandaughter Emma and my neice and nephew. They all had a great time out trick or treating and got enough candy to last a year!!!! We had to hide Emma's so she wouldnt try to eat it all at once... Those sugar highs can be rough!!!!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

SHHHHHHHHH, baby is sleeping!

Wouldn't you love to just plop down and be able to sleep like that?! This is Mollie Jo doing what she does best. She looked so sweet laying there i had to get a picture to show you. I have had pets,(dogs mostly) since i was a small child. My first pet was a Chihuahua named chiteeh. My sister and i used to sneek him hot dogs. We had a tabby cat named candy and later when we were teenagers we had french poodles. One was a silver french poodle named Manette and after her was Fee Fee. I had a little accident with Fee Fee though. I hate to even tell it but i will.

I was in the kitchen happily making myself a bowl of Mmmmm Mmmmmm Good, chicken noodle soup and had poured it into my bowl and was heading for the t.v. to watch my favorite after school program,( probably the brady bunch or Gilligans island) when Fee Fee jumps on me to try and get the soup. Needless to say i spilled the soup and it landed on FEE FEE! She ran around the house for a couple of minutes with noodles hanging off her butt ,but fortunatly wasnt hurt bad. My parents nearly killed me! It is a terrible story i know but anyway that is what happened. After that we had a dog named Richard Aladapo; i know your thinking what kind of name for a dog is that! Well. the dog was named after a friend i went to church with that was from Nigeria . I loved this fella and he was a good friend to my family. Richard was a character though, one day i had come home from school and my dad said Suzanne Lea, get out in that garage and see whats wrong with that crazy dog of your.. When my dad called me Suzanne Lea i new he ment business . Anyhow, Richard was rolling around moaning and howling something terrible so i went and told dad; " daddy something terrible is wrong with richard, he is crying and howling and i am afraid he is gonna die. " I am bailing like a baby at this point and begging my daddy to take him to the vet sure that my Richard is gonna die. My dad scoops him up gets in the car and heads off to the vet with Richard. Hours later daddy gets home with a strange stern look on his face and proceeds to tell us the vet did several tests, took xrays only to find out my Richard had GAS! Daddy was not a happy camper! Here he had spent alot of money only to find out it was gas!!!!!

Years later i still look back on all my beloved pets and have such wonderful memories of them but especially Richard . My gassy little poodle............

Anyway, love your pets! They give us unconditional love, and deserve our love and care........


Whats new at Shabby Cottage Designs

Just wanted to share with you a table i did this week. This is a tilt top table and not something i come across very often at all. I usually can find maybe 1 a year. I love these tables since you can use them with the top up so you have a place for a lamp or other items but also with the top tilted down for a nice piece of decorative art. This has a bit of a french cottage look. Hope you like it! It is available on my website! HOpe everyone is having a nice day!!


Friday, October 10, 2008

All decked out for BIg Blue and MIdnight Madness!!!

Our little Ky. Cutie!

This is my blue haired daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twinkle toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nifty Big BLue nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!

Today is the BIG day for my daughter and my husband. MIDNIGHT MADNESS at Rupp Arena!!!
THis is something that my family looks forward to every year. WE are big Ky. Widlcats fans! WE bleed BLUE!
Tickets for this event are free if you are lucky enough to get them. My husband and daughter were up at 5.00 in the morning the day they went on sale and tried desparetly to get tickets. They finally had to give up and hunt down some for sale. I wont even tell you what they paid for their tickets as it makes my stomach turn to think about it. PEople were getting these tickets for free with no intention of going but only to sale them for profit. It irratates me but thats the way it goes. Anyway my husband and daughter are on there way ! They will spend the day shopping at ALL the stores that sale widcat gear, eating at their favorite places and finally the highlight will be MIDNIGHT MADNESS! I am showing you a few pictures of my daughter who is as obsessed as her father when it comes to thier beloved wildcats. SHe has been up since the crack of dawn filled with excitment for the days events. My daughter always gets all decked out for the evet so i wanted to show you a few pictures. I hope they are having a great time!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

If you havent read this book get it!!

Do you love to read? I love reading and when my daughter told me i needed to read this book about teenage vampires i told asked her what could be so interesting about a book about vampires?! She said just read it mom i think you will like it. Well she gave it to me so i decided to read just a few pages so i could tell her a gave it a try, I was certain this book would be of no interst me and how wrong was i. This book had me hooked from the first page. I am addicted!!

This is a fabulous book wrtten by author Stephenie Meyers and the movie is released in November and i will be standing in line waiting to get in to see it! If you love to read and are ready for an awsome read then go get this book. YOu wont be dissapointed. Here is a link to the Twilight site where you can see a clip of the movie. ENJOY TWILIGHT


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here are some of the items you will find in my shop!

Here ore someof the items you will find on my website. In the background of the photo is my (Vintage) wedding dress. Note i said vintage and not antique! Haha.....
Dont think i could squeeze into if i tried. My waistline hasnt been that small in a looooooong time. Oh the memories...........

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WHat i have been working on today!

NOt that much going on around here today. It is icky and rainy outside today and not really the best day for painting but i had a piece i was itchin to do so rain or not i did it! THis is a piece that was salvaged from a table that had seen its better days. I am one of those that doesnt like to throw away anything that can be reworked or reused in some way. I love the oval shape and think it will be beautiful in someones cottage home. It is a big one too at 35 inches long.... HOpe everyone is having a great day!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008



SOLD !!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

HI all, hope everyone is well. THe weather is icky and rainy outside, although we do need the rain badly. I decided to paint a couple of things today, one is a vintage lunch box. It has been a while since i came across one of these and i love how they come out. Isnt it just amazing what you can do with old stuff that people have tossed aside. I have a friend that does alot of dumpster diving and you wouldnt believe the stuff he finds. I personally have never been in a dumpster befor but i guess if i spied something exciting i might. I be sayin, HONEY BOOST ME UP IM GOIN IN!!!

Any way, the other thing i have worked on today is my favorite, it is an old wood telephone box that i found at the 127 sale. I just cannot resist anything that has that old chippy look to it. I dont know what it is about it but i love it. THe Top and the bottom of the box are painted but i left the rest of the old box in its natural state . THE chippy part just seemed to add just the right touch for me. The box would be great for storage of all kinds of things like keepsakes, as a candle box, or whatever a persons needs are. I have both pieces listed on ebay.Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Bought these pretty vintage roses pieces for 2.00 each!!!!

Bought this vintage casket jewelry box for 5.00 !!!!

This is a princess headboard i bought and painted for my grandaugters room. I am going to slightly distress it and try to get it up in her room soon.... We were going down the road and i caught it out of the corner of my eye and told my hubby STOP!!! GO BACK I SAW MY BED!!
I have been looking for 6 months for the right bed and finally found it!!!

What a great time we had at the worlds longest yard sale. You had to see it to believe it! There was so much stuff it boggled the mind. If you are a yard sale lover then you would be in heaven! Have you ever seen a horse make ice cream? We went to an amish community and they had a horse on the cntraption like a treadmill and as the horse walked it churned the ice cream. My grandaughter and hubby enjoyed it. if you have never been you should try to go some time. It was extremely exhausting but so much fun. Here are a few pictures of the sale and some of the things i bought;

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Have Been Baking!!!!!!

I met the nicest lady a few days ago while taking a peek around at other blogs. Her blog is wonderful and she is super nice!!! While scrolling through i got to the part of her blog that had a recipe for orange cookies that looked heavenly!! I told her i was going to try and make them and i took the time today to do just that. Mine are not as pretty as hers but they taste wonderful! My husband loves anything that is orange flavored so i thought he might like these and he loves them. I did tweek the recipe a bit and divided the ingredients in half adding the orange to one half and making the other half lemon. Either way they are sp yummy!!!. They remind me of something you would enjoy having at an english tea party. They would be great for Christmas or a wedding shower too but my favorite way is to just snuggle up on the couch with a favorite cup of tea or a good cup of coffee. Try them if you get a chance . You will find her blog here and can scroll down it to get the recipe. Enjoy!!


Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Samplling Of Items

Hi everyone, its been crazy around my house. We are still trying to get the playhouse finnished as well as a ton of other projects around the house. I wanted to share this picture with you of a sampling of some of the items for sale on my website . I have been so busy lately and unable to post here . I have been canning tomatoes and will be canning greenbeans tomorrow. Yesterday i got 3 pieces of furniture to paint and will be working on that today. I will be back with pictures of the playhouse and all my canning as soon as i can get it all done. Hope everyone is well and enjoying your summer. talk to ya soon!!!! Oh and by the way the wedding dress in the background of the picture is actually my wedding dress from 31 years ago!! I cant believe how tiny the waist is on the dress!! That was 31 years ago and i can tell you that my waist has deffinatly expanded over the years!!! Depressing!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thank you for the award!

I am honored to recieve an award from a special friend ms. Char, If you havent seen her blog go and check it out. Thank you Char my friend, i appreciate it!!!

It can be overwhelming at times keeping up with a website, blog, painting and not to mention the dreaded housework that needs to be done dispite the fact that i had much rather be painting and creating. I have made some wonderful friends along the way which is the best part of all. Thanks Char!!! I am passing this on to some worthy recipients and will be posting them as soon as possible.
The rules for receiving this award are:1) Put the logo on your blog.2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.4) Add links to those blogs on yours.5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

And the nomination goes too, drumroll pleeze
1. pink icing on the cake
I love this sweet lady and her blog is fantabulous!!!!

2. many shades of shabby
a sweetheart and a lady with tons of talent!!!

connie at living beautifully
Just the most terrific lady


Monday, June 30, 2008

We are making a little progress on the playhouse

Here is the latest on the progress of the playhouse. It is alot more work than we thought it would be but it is going to be well worth it in the end. We have used as much vintage and salvaged wood as possible. One of my husbands friends had a neighbor that was going to take down an old garage so hubby went and took off all the old wood to repurpose for the playhouse. saves money, looks better and keeps it green!!!! I personally like the look of the old wood all chippy and time worn better than the new. Keep checking back for our progress.


Friday, June 20, 2008

LOOK what i found!!!

Wel, i have been out on the hunt again and boy did i find a jewel!!! At and estate sale i found this awsome table, it reminds me of the bigger tables that are called library tables but this one is smaller and a practical size to use anywhere. When i saw this sweet table you can bet my eyeballs were bugged out of my head, a pretty site!!! I grabed it as fast as i could and the lady said she had 2 more like them but was keeping them. Oh man did i want those other two!! I am counting my blessings though that i got the one table. I am guessing it is from around the 1920's or so and is really good condition. It was talking to me , and said paint me so i still look old and worn and loved so i said "okie dokie" !!!! It is painted a super soft sage color and antiqued with roses of course, and distressed for a time worn look. It has just been listed on my site so drop by and take a peek if you can. Hope everyone is happy, healthy and having fun!!!!


Here is a sneek peek!!!!
more pictures on my site

Friday, June 6, 2008

The newest project at our house!!

Well. we are off on another project, like we really need something else to do. THis is one we really are enjoying though. We ,well i mean my husband mostly is building our grandaughter a playhouse!!! How many of you wanted your own playhouse when you were a little girl, i know i certainly did . The playhouse is for Emma but nana is lovin it too!!! Here are a couple of pictures to show you but we are still in the first stages of this project and it will probably take us a few weeks to complete it since my hubby has to do it on his days off from his real job. I am lucky i have a husband that is handy, he is a very creative person and not only fixes everything that is broke around the house but creates some cool stuff!!! Everytime Emma see's something around the house that isnt exactly right she will come to me and say "pappa fix it" She thinks he can make everything all better and most of the time he does. I will keep you posted on the progress and add pictures so you can keep up with the progress. Talk to ya soon!!!
Pappa's got a little helper!!!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


WHILE OUT JUNKIN A FEW WEEKS AGO I CAME ACROSS THIS VINTAGE DRESS FORM! I was looking around at all the goodies this store had and out of the cormer of my eye i spied this dress form; my eyes must have bugged out of my head. I told my husband i had to have it and he looked at me like what in the world are you gonna do with that!!! Well i knew exactly what i was going to do with it!!!! We took it home where it sat for a while till i finally got to it. It is covered in a tight fitting nubby like fabric of some sort that i have painted in shabby cottage pink and cream white. The painting looks a bit vintage and i am happy with the way it turned out. I have added a number of different vintage trims a lace to it and some really lovely trim that has little pink roses and green leaves. I love old rhinestone jewelry and always look out for it when i am treasure hunting so i can have it on hand to add to projects. I added some bits and pieces of old rhinestones to it and even a vintage rhinestone necklace. The litte purse is an old one too and is made of black velvet. I embellished the bag with more of the roses trim and added more rhinestones!!!! This was such a fun project for me to do , a bit time comsuming but well worth it and very different. I think this would be so cute in someones shabby cottage home or boutique. This is one of a kind for sure! Anyway ,it was a labor of love for me. Hope you like it!!!!
You can see more pictures of this piece at shabby cottage designs.

Off to paint something else!!!!