Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We had an ICE STORM!!

Well, i have waited and hoped for some snow all winter and guess what we got, an ice storm instead. We had over a half inch of ice and alot of folks are without power . My sister has been without power for 2 days. The ice on the trees is beautiful but it can be deadly and rough going for some. We are blessed to be in a cozy and warm house. I am thankful for that.


vintagewindow said...

Hey Sooz,

I had to drive in this mess for the last 2 days. I do agree the ice is something of beauty. The snow today was also pretty, but bring on Warm Sunny Days. I'm over winter. LOL


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh my goodness. That ice storm went just north of us thank goodness. I am so ready for spring !!

Graceful Rose said...

Hey Suzanne,I was without power for 4 days! There are still thousands without power right now. I am so ready for spring!

cityfarmer said...

good morning lovely lady ...

please don't send the ice our way ...
we might be hitting the 50's here this weekend, don't want to botch that!

Barb said...

Long time no see!!

Thought I'd better touch base and catch up on things.
Store is doing fine, considering no one much knows we are there yet.
I continue to have a ball with it, doing my crafts, searching sales for things, and meeting so many nice people.
And blog land. Well, there's an addicttion for you! I'd get a lot more done if i wasn't here all hte time. =0)
But, then again, so many nice people out here.

Fun things going on: 100th blog giveaway last week. (sorry i did not think to let you know, but Barb's Treasures site will have one soon).
40 year anniversary in Dec.
New granddaughter in December.

(not in order of importance!!)

Off to visit your web site now, and enjoy your beautiful work.

Hope things are going well for you and your family.

Barbara Jean