Friday, December 19, 2008

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas can mean so many things for each of us. Maybe its spending time with family and loved ones or so many other meanings. Christmas for me is about the birth of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ first and most inportantly. I remember as a child it all seemed so much more simpler and not all the expectations that seem to come with the season now. I think we spend so much time now trying to live up to what the media and magazines tell us it should be like the perfectly decorated house, the perfect presents, the perfectly wrapped package,the perfect table setting and meal, that we get caught up in it all and it can be overwhelming and then the true meaning is lost somewhere in all the hustle and bustle. I can remember when i was a little girl,(a long time ago) going to church service for the christmas play. How exciting and meaningful it was. Beautiful music, Mary and Joseph and the sweet baby Jesus. Always at the end of the service we would all get a bag of goodies consisting of an apple, orange,nuts and a candy cane. Where did all that go ? I miss it and the warm and wonderful feeling it gave at Christmas time. As the special day aproaches i just want to say to all my friends ,Merry Christmas to you and your families, may we never forget the true meaning of Christmas and forever keep it close to our hearts.

I would love for you to leave me a comment and tell me what Christmas means to you.



Graceful Rose said...

I agree with you whole heartedly. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget the true meaning. I love the Lord Jesus Christ as he is my Lord and savior and it is his birth that we celebrate. There is way too much emphasis on the material things at Christmas and those special Christmas memories that we have from our childhood I treasure also. I hope everyone will ponder the true meaning of Christmas this season! Merry Christmas everyone!

vintagewindow said...

Hi Suzanne, Great post and oh' so true.
For me now, the season is about giving, NOT gifts, but your heart to those you love and those you meet. It's about family togetherness and the excitement of a new year.

Rusty will be home tomorrow.....yiiipeeeeeeeeee!!! Can't wait to see my baby.


Victoria Lynn said...

I love all the decorating, inside and out and my tree. But they're just things! What means a lot to me at Christmas is going to church and seeing the choir, the children's program and on Christmas Day we're going to help serve lunch to needy families. Also spending time with my precious daughter. And reflecting on the sacrifice Jesus made for me! May God bless you and your family during this Christmas season and the year to come!
Victoria Lynn

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories and for commenting on my blog. Christmas to me is Jesus! How much love was wrapped in that manger. I love my family and sharing this time and that message with them is what Christmas means to me. and By The Way, if I figure out how to bottle up willpower, I'll send it your way.
Blessings and thanks

ABOUT ME said...

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With blessings,

Marie Antionette said...

Christmas means peace,for awhile anyway.Childhood memories,in my case the eary 50's.But most of all Christ Child was born,No not on the 25 of Dec.But the day we all come together to celabrate his birth.Merry Christmas Suzanne.May God bless you.Hugs Marie Antionette

vintagewindow said...

Merry Christmas Sooz!!!!


Connie said...

Hi my little cherub. I'm try to answer your question.

Christmas to me is a feeling more than anything. A feeling of love in your heart for everyone on this wonderful earth. It's about the birth of our Savior and what he did for us. I know this sounds corny, but it truly how I feel. You'd have to read my Christmas post on 12/24 to know my true feelings. We don't celebrate in what has become the new "traditional" way. We eschew buying presents for anyone but the smallest of grandkids because they still don't have an understanding of it. But for me most of all it's about the love we can feel and give to others for the miracle of the Atonement.

Smooches, my sweet chick,